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I got my iud out about 6 months ago

Hi I got my iud out like 6 moths ago me and my husband been ttc sees we got it out we haven't had any luck I've always got my period every month.well last month I was a week late and I haven gotten it yet this month.wll the test I take are neg.can any one please help?

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I got my iud removed dec 13 this past year.. i got pregnant in feb and had a m/c in march. i didnt have a cycle it was very irregular but its good that you have a period.. even with the iud removed it takes normal couples 6 months to a year to conceive.. have you went to your obgyn and they said everything was good??

5 years ago

No I haven sense I've got it out ! But when I got it out she said that I was all good and ready to go so .im hoping I am we've benn trying non stop and this is the first I haven't got my period and I have them Montgomery's bumbs around my nipple and I've never had them befor only when I was pergnat for my daughter and my Hobbs feel weird .so idk what's going on and I feel like bloated or my stomach is always hard so idk what to think I guessim gonna wait till next week then. Gonna go to the obgyn and get test done!

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I had my Mirena IUD taken out jan 29th 2009 and i fell pregnant april 2009 So it took me 3 months to get a positive result.
It goes to show there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Good luck.

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5 years ago

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