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12dpo BFN :( AF due I out? HELP!

Im still experiencing some dull cramping, but now im thinking its just af creeping in. I had experienced the "metal mouth" at about 10dpo, extremely exhausted for the past 2 weeks. My bbs have been a little sore for he past week, but nothing too crazy. I could swear theyre getting darker, but now im just thinking it could be my imagination :( is there any hope at all?

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I knnow it's hard because I'm kinda in the same boat my af is due sunday. I tested today and it was bfn...but I just found out I have been calculating wrong I thought I was 10 dpo like 2 days ago but today is really my 10 dpo. I've done quite a few test all bfn so hopefully I've just been testing to early. Yesterday was my worst though I have had some mild cramp like twinges in my uterus and at work a huge feeling of nausea just suddenly appeared and my bbs are wayyyy tender. Hopefully all of this isnt in my head. Some women dont test bfp until at least 14 dpo. I hate to say it but me and you both are jus going to have to wait until this weekend to see if af shows. I hope it doesnt and we both get our bfp!!!! Blessing to you and baby dust!

5 years ago

yeah thats what I keep thinking, that all the tests ive taken have just been done to early. So i guess all we can do is wait :( its so hard!! my cramps have been coming and going throught out the day, but ive been cramping since last week...and that is just not normal for me. so fingers crossed for the both of us! thankyou for your thoughts, you keep me posted!!!

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You're not out until AF shows! Good luck!

5 years ago

We are cycle buddies, AF due tomorrow. I wasn't actively TTC but have a lot of symptoms too, have been very aware of uterus from 1dpo, bbs are tender (which never happens me), have had some passing nausea, some diarrhoea (sorry TMI), stuffed nose, have been really lightheaded and dizzy for last week and a half, tired but have had really disturbed sleep and vivid dreams and a mild cramping sensation for last week and can't hold me pee during night at al, which is not like me. But so far all I've had are BFNs, including this morning using FMU so starting to think I'm out and just getting a bad AF :(. Baby dust to us all fx

5 years ago

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