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Af due tomm! Been having sympotoms!

Since 8 dpo been having itchy and tingling breasts, been tired and have taken naps where I wake up in a pool of drool( extra salivia), had a sharp pain on Sunday and checked my implantation day which turned out to be on Sunday. Super excited it might be our month!

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It sounds like you may well be pregnant, baby dust to you! the best thing is to wait until your period is late and then do a test. I waited til i was 3 days late because i didnt want to get my hopes up, n then i got a bfp. hope all goes well

5 years ago

Well my cycles run from 28 to 32. So I probably shouldn't test till day 33. So weird, I felt so sick at work and got dizzy today. But then I started feeling light cramping, ugh! So anxious, I just want to know!

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