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possibly 17dpo and only saying 1-2 weeks on conception indicator?? really worried?

I suffered a MC at 6 weeks in January and have just got a bfp. Im on CD29 but believed I o'd early as Im using a CBFM. Possibly CD11/12? I tested monday CD24 and got faint positive on FRER and have tested yesterday and today with CB Digital where its only showing 1-2 weeks since conception? Anyone else experienced this and gone onto healthy pregnancy?

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I would not worry about that, HPTs are not a good indicator of how pregnant you are. You can always get your levels checked via blood test at the dr's office if you are concerned. Plus, even if your levels are low it doesn't matter as long as the double ever day or two. People's levels (especially early on) vary greatly. Good luck and congratulations!

5 years ago

Thank you for replying. Its such a worrying time. We've been ttc for 22 mths now. It was such a shock getting a bfp in january, then to miscarry was devastating. It was also quite a traumatic experience that i really dont want to go through again. Im just worried things will happen again which im sure is natural. Ive been searching the net and cant seem to find many people with a 1-2 weeks at 16/17 dpo. Well im sure time will tell Thank you for your congratulations!

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