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What does excessive clear, watery discharge mean?

I started my period April 1st and had sex for the first time Sunday April 15th in this cycle. Yesterday and today I have woke up with what seems like me peeing on myself. My underwear is completely soaked. I have never had this happen before. My husband and have been TTC for a few months now. Could this be a good sign? I am on Vitex Fertility Blend and my periods just started becoming regular 2 months ago. Started on the 4th of March and again the 1st of April. I am new to all of this calculating stuff. I also have PCOS. Any ideas as to what is going on?

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So you mean you haven't had No intercourse at all for the whole 15days right? Because today is only the 17th and nothing could've happen that quick it's impossible. It takes time for the egg to implant also did you ovulate? Can you make it a little bit more claer and i can try to help answer your question. Thanks sweetie

Good Luck

5 years ago

Hi there! I am also on a similar cycle to you, first day 4/4/12 I ovulated on the 15th as I had ovary pain and jelly substance on the 15th, we had sex on the 15th also and the 17th since then I have been feeling ovary twinges little cramping bloating/gas and little rushes of watery discharge it's slightly milky... I think it's too early for implantation but wondering if it's possible. I forgot to add we are using withdrawal method at the moment but wouldn't mind if I was pregnant. Have a 14 month old daughter already but we planned to wait until next year before actively trying to conceive but we don't mind if it happened sooner. I'm thinking it's highly unlikely but that I am I just don't know if I'm looking too hard for symptoms that I'm just being more in tune with my body? Would like to know your out come :)

5 years ago

are you charting? it sounds like watery CM, so you could be ovulating/preparing to ovulate. you should read the book "taking charge of your fertility", or at least check out the info available about charting cycles here or on - helps make sense of the confusing things our bodies do. good luck!

5 years ago

Hey ladies!

Correct, from the time I started my period until the day I was supposed to ovulate I did not have intercourse. I bled a lot longer this time than usual but I think it feels that way because I spotted for 3 days before actually starting. I really do not know if I ovulated but we baby danced when I was supposed to. I have not been charting. I just signed on yesterday and trying to figure everything out. Really started paying attention to things in March. I have PCOS and for months didnt have a period. Started taking Fertility Blend with Vitex fruit and 2 wks later started. 28 days had another which was April 1st. Pyratejenny-Thanks for this idea! We did xtra baby dancing just in case I am ovulating late. Jessykaar- Will definitely keep you updated hun! Good luck and baby dust to all!!

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Ohhh I hate the wait.... Felt some pinching going on last night and I just feel so bloated, not as in looks wise but the feeling you get before you start your period like you ave trapped wind but that could be anything right?! How are you feeling Casper? X

5 years ago

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