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Some look at my chart pls!!

I need to know if I chose the right ovulation date.

Thanks in advanced.

2 Answers • 6 years ago


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It looks to me like you actually ovulated on CD24, but if you want to double check and (have the time) want to see if you get the same or a different answer, you could try plugging in your BBT, CM, CP and OPKs into another BBT charting site and see if the two agree. I don't think I've ever Ovulated before the final +OPK though. HTH.

6 years ago

Based on temps, yes you chose the right day...CD22. The 3 day temp rise confirms it. The positive opk's you got after that is probably due to seeing the LH surge on the way back down. Also, Your body may have been gearing up to O and didn't. That's might be why you have so many positives. Good luck!

6 years ago

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