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12 days of bleeding, can I still ovulate?

Started period 12 days ago. Continuing to bleed and spot. Is it possible to still ovulate if I'm still bleeding? And why would I be continuing for 12 days? Longest I have ever gone is 9 days. No medical coverage until march, so no going to the doctor. Any suggestions?

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12 days seems a long time to have af is it heavy and painful? it sounds like u could of had a chemical pregnancy that could extend your period. I see alot of people write that they cant see a doctor cause they dont have medical insurance i dont understand that dont u have bulk billing doctors there where u just provide your medicare card thats free for everyone.. I try using an opk to see if u might still ovulate its still posible hope this helps best of luck

6 years ago

Not painful at all, and mostly just spotting for the last 4 days. However, continued spotting. And not every one can get a Medicare card, and seeing a doctor for me is another $8000 bill for the ER... I don't believe I was pregnant, just a weird period I guess? Just unsure if I would still ovulate when I'm "supposed" to?

6 years ago • Post starter

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