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Milky white discharge, 4 weeks pregnant

It felt like I was starting my period, but when I when to feel what it was with my finger, there was nothing but a bunch of white milky discharge that looked like it had little clear bubbles in it. Is this normal???

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100% yes, I had it with both my pregnancy, and with my first it lasted most of the first and second trimester. Discharge is a normal part of pregnancy for many women.

Well best of luck, and congrats :) xxx

6 years ago

Thank you for responding! Also, I am having a slight pain in my right ovary, is that ok as well?

6 years ago • Post starter

Sounds fine as long as the pain is not doubling you over. In pregnancy you will have a lot of on and off mild discomfort usually it's just the urtus stretching, and to be honest a bit of discomfort in early stages is a good sign baby just letting you know he/she is growing. I know it's hard but it really sounds very normal. Obviously if pain is dreadful you will need to see a doctor again if your discharge becomes smelly you need to see a doctor just purely thrush is very common and so out water infections.
But I think your be fine, relax and enjoy the whole pregnancy process.
Diane xxx

6 years ago

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