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Pregnant on first Round of Clomid?

Hi ladiesss :D

So did any of you fall pregnant on your first round of Clomid WITHOUT have very many symptoms, such as sore bbs?

Only thing going on for me is extreme hunger, sleeplessness, and restless legs.

Advice/Input please!

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hi it was a few years ago i took clomid - 2001 i took it, fell pregnanct first cycle, and again in 2004, 2 beautiful girls, only side effects i had was the hot flashes nothing else. good luck :)

6 years ago

WOW what a nice outcome :) I hope my outcome is a good one. Period due next weekend we will see I guess. Definitely don't feel pregnant though :( If not, onto my next cycle of Clomid

6 years ago • Post starter

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