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when is the best time to take clomid? Morning or evening?

Hi i am 42 years old and was diagnosed with low ovulatory reserve and my husband has a low sperm count. 8 YEARS Prevously i tried clomid and it worked. The begining of this year i had taken clomid 50mg for 3 months with no effect. I was taking it in the morning day 5-9. with no effect. We then sarted taking fertile plus and husband sperm max which has increased his count. I only noticed my cycles are more regular since taking the fertile plus. We then we went on IVF. We had a sucessful embryo transfer in November, sadly after a positive pregnancy test i started bleeding. We decided to give clomid another go as we cannot afford further ivf tratment. This time i have been taking the clomid at night and i actually felt myself ovulate day 18. Could the clomid be working this time because i have taken it in the evening. Would love to hear some oppinions. At the moment i feel crampy warmer than usual and wierd dreams tired and sore back and hips. Wondering if the stork is going to visit us

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I took mine in the afternoon, however I didn't have very many side effects. I had a headache, that is it. It really depends on you and what side effects you get. If you have many, and they are difficult to tolerate, you may want to take them at night. The timing shouldn't have any impact on its effectiveness.

6 years ago

I'm sorry I don't know about the clomid which is your specific question, but I wanted to give you hope about your low ovarian reserve. I am 36 and was diagnosed earlier this year. I have been pregnant 5 times, miscarried 4.

I realise this is unsolicited advice but I wanted to tell you that I am currently 11 weeks pregnant after nearly giving up after 4 x iui's and 5 ivfs. The BIG difference came when I went completely gluten free. I am not celiac but read a study where gluten free diets have been shown to improve the amh in women in our position. That was enough for me!! And I guess I can't specifically scientifically prove that this is the major thing that worked, but after getting less and less eggs and having my 4th miscarriage I gave ivf a final go after 8mths gluten free and not only got 15 great eggs but am carrying one of them as I type this (hopefully to term :). Good Luck I hope you don't need it...feeling crampy/warm is one of my first preg symptoms :)

6 years ago

Thanks guys for your help. I think the clomid has worked. I cannot stop peeing very tired and have bben teary. Very hungry, wanting salty food.I am feeling like i did 18 years ago when i was pregnant with my son.Wish us some baby dust! Wishing you all baby dust too!

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For those who have low AMH I just want to say that mine is <0.6 and My ovarian counting was 3 in both.. I am 39 years old, a little girl who is 4 and got prrgnant 4 times in 7 months of TTC, 3 where CP but I have now my stiky baby. Girls forget about DOR! Is just a trick to make money. I was on wheatgrass, DHEA, baby aspirin, b12, royal jelly with bee Polen, co Encime Q10, and EPO, krill oil and prenatals. That helped my eggs, does not matter how many eggs left you have, if you ovulate one every cycle and is good quality, it's all you need so, improve the quality! :) GL all

5 years ago

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