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15 dpo: light pink spotting/ brown discharge

Okay so I'm 15 days past ovu. Last night on my tp was light pink and then today there was a light brown hue to my discharge. No cramping. Is it possible to have implation bleeding this late ?

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Probably not implant bleeding, but I had the exact same thing happen on and off for 4 days then a week later I found out I was preg with my son! It sounds like u need to take a hcg! U are most likely preg! u should get a BFP AT 15 DPO! GOOD LUCK let us know what happens

2 years ttc finally starting meds and iui!

6 years ago

I took 2 yesterday it was negative :/ so I was going to wait until Sunday morning. :) but thanks

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Implantation bleeding normally happens at 6 - 14 dpo, so I would think that it is a possibility, especially if you ovulated late. Spotting can also happen in early pregnancy (which can be normal or it can be a sign of something off, so it's best to get checked out). Spotting can have many reasons, but FX that yours is from a BFP!

6 years ago

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