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BBs are aching but not sore to the touch?!

My BBs have never hurt before but for the past 4 days they have been aching and my nipples are sore but they are ok when touched. I hate being a symptom tracker but the pain is so bad at times and like I said I have never had them hurt before. I have been tracking my bbt but that hasnt shown an elevation in temp so I dont think I have ovulated my AF is due in 10-12 days. Mayb im not tracking my BBT correctly?

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Hi there!
I can't speak for other women but I can definitely attest to sore bbs ... I'm 7 wks along today with #1. I can tell you that in my own experience it feels totally different than PMS/AF bbs. I'm sitting here writing this with my shirt pulled forward on my knees b/c it hurts if I move too much against my nips, lol! It literally feels like someone played pinata on my chest - even walking hurts in the morning and at night when it's at the worst. I know it's different for everyone to when they experience this ... but, mine started around 5.5 wks. So, for me, AF was already a week and a half-ish late and I already had the bfp.

As for the BBT ... keep tracking first thing in the morning. I found that BBT charting along w/the digital opks helped me immensely with determining when/if I O'd.

Good Luck! /hugs

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Thanks. My BBT has elevated so im assuming I ovualted on the 12th which only makes me 4 dpo. I guess they were really sore when I was ovualting and most fertile even tho im still getting some pains and tenderness in them its not as bad. Its mostly my nipples that are the worst. AF is due between the 24th and 26th so now im just hoping she stays away! Congrats on your pregnancy !!

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