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Sweet smelling cm?

I know that I have been asking a ton of questions but I'm not one to really talk about my cervix or cm. Long story short- the past couple nights I've had sweet smelling cm. I thought it was my urine but it wasn't. I've tried to do some research on it but I can't really find anything but wiki answers that aren't helpful.

I thought it was something I had eaten but I haven't eaten any fruits in forever. Or drink juice for that matter?

Could that be an early sign or has anyone else experienced that as an early sign before?

It's too early to test as I am only 7 dpo.

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Could you be noticing it because you have super smelling powers...hint hint hint u might be preggo and have super smelling abilities to pick up scents you didnt before? I also have sweet cm but I have always had that. It is a pheramone (sp). I havent ever tracked when or what foods make it sweeter smelling. Hope this helps a little. Good luck!

6 years ago

I know it may sound a bit crazy but every pg ive had, my instincts told me i was pg while wiping...and smelling sweet cm. I always know having heavy cm way past ovu is a sign for me as well.. Im not saying its a def symptom, but yes it has happened to me along with many other symptoms. Im also 7 dpo today. Good luck

6 years ago

I've had it all 3 pregnancies and I have it now. ...we will see.

DS 11, one mc, DD 5, DS 2cheer]

3 years ago

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