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RT ovary pinching, sharp, stabbing pain came in waves 4 about a 5minutes. What could it be?

Pain started @ 3:30 pm. Pain is sporadic, but no where near like earlier today. 11:11pm Definitely tolerable.

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What CD are you on? I had this pain both at ovulation and about a week later. I also have cysts in my right ovary, which are known to cause pain when they burst. Hope this helps.

6 years ago

Thanks dear,"-) I am 12 days pass ovulation. My OBGYN, GP & ferrtility DR said I do not have anything abnormal around or in my ovaries. Thank goodness! DR's have said, all women have polyps... You only have to worry if the polyps do not burst.. if polyps do not burst, then survey is recommended. I am not using any type of fertility drugs or IUI or IVF. I had surgery laproscopy &hysterscopy hysterscopy done my fertility DR February 1st 2011 to ensure I was okay.. I have been pregnant 4x's 4x's, but ended in MC's.

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