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What did i do wrong?

i did everything i was supposed to and i got my AF. WTH!! I dont understand!!! Is anyone else having this problem???

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I'm sorry you got AF. It's such an emotional roller coaster minus the fun of a roller coaster. We've been ttc for 19ish months now, and it's the same devastating feeling every time AF shows. All you can do is look on to next month and pray or meditate about it. That's what keeps me going. Good luck!

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6 years ago


Unfortunately, a lot of women do everything right and still don't get pregnant month after month. When you consider the odds, it makes sense in a depressing way. At best, you get a 25% chance of conceiving every cycle, and that's only if you are under the age of 35 and have no interfering health factors. It sucks. No wonder they call it a miracle, right?
Good luck to you, and sorry about the witch coming for you.

6 years ago

Totally understandable. It seems as though you try and try and every one else seems to be announcing their pregnancies! But I bet at some point they were here too. I got my af today too and I had so many symptoms this tww. I was hoping and praying the cramps I was having were implantation but woke up and there was af! I was so sad. Maybe this cycle we will get our BFP! keep up the bd and lots of baby dust your way!!

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6 years ago

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