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Has anyone conceived with temps in the mid 97 range after ovulation? Do low temps mean conception has not occured? Does a low temp like that indicate low progesterone? I miscarried in December and had low progesterone with that pregnancy. Concerned that maybe that's why I haven't gotten pregnant again. Any comments would be appreciated.



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It depends on what's normal for you, I think. My pre-o temps are usually in the mid 96s, and post-o temps are in the mid-97s, and I've gotten pregnant easily twice, after the pill even. (With DD, I'd been off the pill about three and a half months, but she was conceived during what would have been a two-month cycle; this time, I stopped the pill in March, we TTA for one cycle using condoms until I'd ovulated, then we started sorta TTC, and I got pregnant during my second cycle TTC, third cycle off the pill.)

I have heard that consistently low temps can indicate a thyroid issue, though, but I haven't asked my doctor about it yet as far as I'm concerned. I don't know much about low progesterone, though.

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5 years ago

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