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Trying to stay positive and keep hope.

still no positive sign and still trying. and starting to get hopeless :/ . i was thinking that it would be me (pregnant) already but just not yet. today my cousin call's me and tell's me that she's pregnant. (ugh). it seem's like every time me and my fiancee try she gets pregnant "for us" back in 07 we lost a baby and she comes up pregnant. now 2011 we try she prego..just my luck?

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Keep hope alive, your time will come. When it does, it will be even more special because you will value the journey. I would say, in keeping hope, get an annual check up if you haven't already. Find out if blood test, HSG test, u/s or sperm count can help in finding out why you are not getting preggo. You can't allow stress to take over from hopelessness. You'll be surprise to know how some feelings can send 'stress' signals to the body. We are all here together and trying. It will come. If you are planning your wedding, let that keep you occupied for now.

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6 years ago

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