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When does ovulation bleeding/spotting most often occur? Before, during or after ovulation?>

I had ovualtion "spotting" for the first time in my life this past cycle, and I don't know what it means! I thought I had already ovulated when the spotting began, so now I'm afraid if ovulation happened during or after the spotting that we missed our fertility window this month.

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From what I read online, ovulation spotting happens right around ovulation. It varies but usually it's the day before or day of ovulation. Last cycle I believe I had ovulation spotting when I was supposedly 3DPO and I also now think that was the actual day of ovulation (as I wasn't temping last cycle) and I missed my window. Are you temping? I started temping this cycle as I hear it really helps pinpoint when ovulation occurred so all this confusion doesn't happen. OPK's can tell you when you might be getting ready to ovulate but temping will only tell you when you did ovulate! So I use both! Best of luck to you.

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6 years ago


Pretty sure it takes several days for the ovulation spotting to make it out to the light of day. That is why the blood is brown. You had likely already o'ed before you found the blood.

6 years ago

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