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Two Ovaries and One Fallopian Tube

in case of One fallopian tube and two Ovaries,
if the Ovary without fallopian tube releases egg where will the egg go. what happens to the other side of Ovary and tube that time when egg is released.
how to know which Ovary is releasing egg ...?

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I also have 2 ovaries and 1 fallopian tube.
Last month my doctor gave me some tablets to take for 3 days followed by an injection for 2 days - to encourage both ovaries to produce an egg - and last month I conceived!
The tablets were called Nolvadex and the injections were called Merional. Each of my ovaries produced 2 eggs last month :) I'm currently 4 weeks pregnant (and hoping this one sticks after my ectopic in 2006)
I have now been prescribed vaginal suppositries called Prontogest which I have to use for the next 30 days. I live in Cairo, Egypt and the doctors are alot more willing to prescribe you with drugs before you have been trying for 6 months with no joy!!
You could try and ask your doctor for the same drugs to see how you get on.

Best wishes, and lots of baby dust. Also if you need anything else, just ask XX

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6 years ago

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