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Early period, no cramps, light bleeding, but dark blood...?

My period started 5 days early (my cycle is very regular) and only lasted 2days at first it was just spotting (dark brown) and then it got a little heavier but it was still wayyyy lighter than normal (didn't fill a pad, or tampon) and then it just stopped. I didn't have any cramps and my hpt was negative. I am still 2 days before my period is due... false negative or was that my period for the month?

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well it sounds like u may have had an implantation bleeding when the egg burrows and attaches itself to uterine wall i think it is. it normally doesnt last long and because it just happened maybe the hpt just didn't detect the pregnancy hormones yet.

6 years ago

Hey hprather! I would like to know how everything worked out for you??????? My period I think has come about 5 days early..... strange but our bodies and minds can def work us over!

5 years ago

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