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13 DPO Symptoms

back again,tired of going through this every are my symptoms

0 Day- nothing

1DPO- nothing

2DPO- nothing

3DPO-sharp shooting pain in my vagina that made me jump

4DPO-nothing still

5DPO through 9DPO-moody BAD!

10DPO-breasts sore,waves of nausea that lasts only like 2 minutes,very little cramping i never cramps 4 days before AF,usually the day she arrives!

11DPO-cramping on and off,VERY sore boobs,emotional,waves of nausea again.

12DPO-lots of cramping in the evening,VERY sore boobs still. by this time my boobs stop being sore the closer AF gets,getting tired earlier. ususally stay up til 12,1,now wanting to sleep at 9,9:30

13 DPO(today)- exhaustion hits me like a bus today. took two naps,still feeling tired,more hungry,boobs are VERY sore still,waves of nausea when i sprayed my perfume,little cramping not as bad as yesturday,VERY bitchy.more cervix mucus, t seems like im getting more symptoms the closer AF gets but dont feel like shes coming!

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took a dollar store test, negative. blah!

6 years ago • Post starter

i am experiencing the same, my test came back negative this morning but still no af :(

6 years ago

its so irritating. i woke up this morning at 5:30 with a horrible headache and was throwing up,feeling like crap for two hours,got no sleep! AF was suppost to show today,and nothing no cramping. im scared to test again. l0l

6 years ago • Post starter

Thank goodness I'm not the only one. Stupid BFN's. I got up at 2 this morning (my 13dpo) and had to pee so took a test~ already had a headache so that didn't make me feel any better. It is soooo hard to wait, but it's almost better than the many disappointments of BFN! I'm not testing again til Mon or Tues if that wicked witch doesn't show... good luck ladies!

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6 years ago

I had a bfn
11 dpo but I have terrible nausea every time I eat I guess it's phantom symptoms

4 years ago

Really tired especially after meals have to eat really light. Boobs swollen nipples puffy and sore . 13 DPO no real signs of AF. Did anyone have similar symptoms and still turn out pregnant?

4 years ago

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