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When to test after IB?

I "think" I had IB on apx 12dpo (just apx since I didn't temp or do opks). On Monday, 12dpo, I had pink tinged cm 3 times that day. Nothing since then though. I've tested the last 2 days and all have been neg (well I swear there's a line on 2 of the tests, dh even thought he saw one but think it was evap). Today is CD 39 of an average of a 36 day cycle. (longest in the last 5 months was 47 though)

So today would be 3 days post the bleeding. I've read all over that it can take anywhere from 2-10days to test positive after IB. Anyone know or have ideas? I have a handful of tests left, but don't want to keep waiting them even though I just "feel" pregnant (on top of super sore boobs, dizzyness, full/bloated and pulling feelings in the uterus), etc).

Mom of 2, one of each. A son, 4½ and a daughter, 2. (not really any DPO since my OPK's were all messed up, it automatically put the dpo in there, disregard that lol) User Image

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Since doubling time for HCG is 2-3 days, I'd retest every third day.

Good Luck!

Melissa-37, lost rt tube DH-36, MFI - low morph DD-7, conceived naturally after 26 cycles --- TTC#2 since 2006 IUI's in April, May, December 2011 - ALL BFN IUI#4-100mg clomid - Feb/12 BFP Ectopic pg ended March 2/12 IUI#5-100mg clomid - May/12 BFN IUI#6-100mg clomid - June/12 BFP Chemical pg IUI#7-100mg clomid - Sept/12 BFN IUI#8-100mg clomid - Oct/12 BFP Chemical pg IUI#9- 5mg femara - Jan/13 BFN IUI#10-100mg clomid - Mar/13 BFN Counting down to our IVF in September! But wait...SURPRISE!! Aug/13- Natural, miracle for the second time while waiting for a treatment cycle to begin.

6 years ago

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