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Decreasing EWCM but BBT temps that don't match up with ovulation?

I had ovulation pains a few days ago along with a dip and then substantial rise in temperature. Three or four days up until and including that day I had a good amount of clear, stretchy EWCM. The day after the rise in temp, my temp went back down to the temp it was at the dip and hasn't risen back up (so two days of low temp after the big rise). But since the day after I had pains and had my rise in temp, my CM has decreased a LOT and now I just have a tiny bit of creamy CM maybe once a day, if that. So my CM and temp dip and rise and ovulation pains seem like I've ovulated but the fact that my temp dropped back down again is confusing me! Could I have ovulated and my temps are just weird? I just don't think I could still be getting ready to ovulate if I had a few days of a lot of EWCM and now it's hardly anything. Help!

Proud mommy of two girls. Hoping for a third ASAP!

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Maybe you could try an opk and see how strong the test line is. Did you do opk's along with your temp.?

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7 years ago

I did OPK's up until the day I think I ovulated and they were all negative. I only did it once a day and I know if you get the timing wrong it is possible for you to miss your LH surge with the OPK's. Anyway, I'm just not sure!

Proud mommy of two girls. Hoping for a third ASAP!

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