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sudden restless sleeping an early pregnancy symptom??

ok so im not sure wen I ovulated because I had a late period last cycles are usually around 31 days, my last period was on 1/22/2011. I either ovulated on 2/07/2010 or on 2/10/2011.. sn for the past 2 days I have been restless..literally awake all nite until the early not worried or stressed about anything so its not that...has anyway experienced this before? could this possibly be an early pregnancy symptom??

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This was a HUGE sign for me with my last pregnancy!!! It's what made me decide to test :) because i'd had it with my other pregnancies as well, but not as bad. Hope it's a good sign for you as well! Makes the sleepless nights more bearable when you know it's cause of little baby :)

Good luck! Keep us posted xx

7 years ago

Omg that gives me hope :) .... Did you have it this early tho??

7 years ago • Post starter


It was pretty early. With my last pregnacy it hit really bad about when my period was due... It lasted a couple weeks then subsided. Hope this helps!

7 years ago

i have been having restlessness here too and cramping and waking up starving in the mid of the night... i had that with my other two but i dont remember not being able to sleep lol im hoping thats what it is because i got two girls now and i am really wanting to add a baby boy into our lil fam

5 years ago

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