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5 weeks 5 days pregnant and boobs have stopped hurting

As the title suggests I have had sore boobs since ovulation and today they have stopped hurting,,,this is making me worry (is it normal??) xx

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This same thing happened to me. It does come back however I promise you that. I am 22 weeks. Congrats on the baby

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7 years ago

thanks hun, i went for a nap this afternoon and can feel them slightly sore x

7 years ago • Post starter

Congratulations Tallie, I am 6 weeks and my bbs haven't been sore at all. Don't panic! Happy and Healthy 9 months.

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7 years ago

I'm 5 weeks and 4 days and have less symptoms today was just wondering if you have any updates on yours :/

6 years ago

tallie- Hiya all, well i can defo say the stop hurting meant NOTHING as 4 months ago I gave birth to my wonderful little man 'aston' what i can say is keep positive ladies :0) xxxx

6 years ago

hiya all, wanted to post and say that i had my little man on 2nd oct 2011, he is perfect and in short my boobies stopping hurting clearly meant nothing bad :0)
how are you all doing? xxxx

6 years ago • Post starter

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