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extra brown bleeding?!?!?!

My last cycle started Dec 17th 10 . I'm very reg so it's usually 5 days to bleed and 2 more for brown ick to make it's way out b4 I'm totally clear from AF.
OK, so started the 17th and only bled for 5 days~wore a tampon all day and was barely red by end of day5...after I took it out NOTHING until Christmas night I went to the loo and when I wiped there was a streak of lasted until the next day and stopped, then started up again that night and that was it then didn't come back..That was just really unusual and NO ONE seems to know WHY it happened that way..not sure what that means and kind of has been messing w/ my head...anyone relate or help me out w/ this?!?!?!

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