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12 DPO Pregnancy Symptoms

so i ovulated the 12th,i had sex the 9th and 10th! Periods suppost to be here around the 26th. alittle over a week now i been getting a thick,white discharge on my toilet Paper (doesnt smell,itch,burn,not chunky,clumpy) just regular. i check my cervix everytime i use the bathroom and still have it,cramps in my stomach,vagina. VERY tired,sometimes im exhausted,ill lay down to nap and i aint tired once i lay down,its weird,or at night im very tired but cant sleep :/ i been bloated,gassy even tho i aint really Constipated,i dont get bloated and gassy before period either!) ill feel more bloated after eating! or ill be laying down,ill feel hungry but when i stand up to go eat my stomach will feel full! . My nipples or sore,sensative. my boobs hurt only on the top,or they'll be sore,i check again in an hour,they aint sore,its on and off,they're gettin more red,getting more veins to my nipples (my left one the most). I took a test 2 days ago . Negative,i figured.any advice or simular Signs??

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