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So very confused!!!!

During my previous cycle I had two faint positive tests. I had my blood tested and my hcg was a mere 9. Which was way to low for a person being 5 weeks pregnant. Then my periods came and my doctor reasoned that it was a late period (not a miscarriage because of my low hcg level).

Currently i'm 9 days late. I took a test yesterday and it was a stricking positive. I'm seeing my doctor on Thursday. It's best if he do a ultrasound. coz I don't want to get excited and then it's nothing again.

Have you guys ever experienced something like this??

Waiting for you responses!!!!!

Lovies xxx

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have him check your levels again, and then repeat them for your peace of mind. you wont see much early on in an u/s you'll probably have to wait a week or two then you should see a little sack, that'll make it so real and exciting!

7 years ago

I had a chemical pregnancy back in July. I had two positive pregnancy tests but then I started bleeding several days later. So that could have been what happened with you. As far as an u/s, with my DS I had one at exactly six weeks (they do it vaginally) and you could see his little sac and we were lucky enough to see his heartbeat(123bpm). My hcg level with him on cycle day 30(not sure when i ovulated with him) was 39 and a few days later was in the 300's! So I would have my hcg levels drawn at least twice and you can do a u/s as early as six weeks. Good Luck!

7 years ago

Thank you very much ladies. Last night I was awake for 2 hours. I just could not sleep and had severe cramping. I really hope that everything is going to be okay. Please keep me in your prayers. Lovies xx

7 years ago

Ladies I saw my gynae yesterday and he confirmed my pregnancy. The baby is 2mm (very very very tiny) long. It was amazing to see it on u/s. I went for a check up on 2010/11/10 and I wasn't pregnant then, which means I'm 3 wks pregnant. Please pray for me. I had 2 miscarriages already and would not survive another one.

I don't have any symptoms, but have heavy cramping ecspecially at night.

Take care and God bless!!! Mwahugs xxxx

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I have been there... I recently went to the doctor cause I had a positive test, and because when I miscarried in January they thought my thyroid levels is what caused it, so I decided to get my levels checked! When I went to the Doctors she told me my levels were too low to be 5 weeks... My doctor sent me upstairs to get a ultrasound, just to make sure, but they couldnt find anything! Whatever you do do not get a ultrasound until your hcg levels are at least 1000! You wont be able to see anything until then, It will only worry you more! so anyways we did a follow up and repeated my labs and they began to double... actually more than double. So far everything is going great with my pregnancy, just whatever you do dont focus on your levels, everybody is different! Just pray and have faith! :)

7 years ago

Hey navywif3y0923, how far along are you now. everthing is still going smooth on my side. Goodluck, mwah!!

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