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Heavy 1 day period?, symptoms of pregnancy, sore boobs, tired, nausea, and yet negative tests

Ok so had what I thought was a period, although it was only one day, heavy, and the next day it wasn't even enough for one pad!, for the two weeks before this, I have had headaches everyday, my boobs feel funny, like tingles go thru them or they feel heavy at night, I'm pretty sure on the 17th of nov I ovulated? Or could that pain have been implantation?, I've been not exactly trying but not.Not trying, been almost a year, we haven't used any protection, this last week though we have had sex on the 13 to the 15th, and then on the 17th I had pain in the overy area, but it didn't feel the same as normal, it like "spread" over my lower region, it went away and we got together, so I am just wondering am I, cause never with any period before have my boobs been funny, only time that has ever happened was when I've been pregnant, has this ever happened to anyone?, I tested the thursday before my "period" on the 6th and it said a big fat NO, but could that mean it was to ea

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