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Are itchy breasts an early sign?

Or do I just need to change my fabric softener?

I didn't find this particular symptom in the list. My breasts started itching yesterday evening. It's starting to get embarrassing realy, because at work I have to consciously stop myself from scratching them!

I am now 6 DPO (maybe 7) and other symptoms I have are heavy breasts, occasional pains in my breasts, a slightly tense feeling in my lower abdomen and more so in my lower back, all of which could be explained by PMS. The itch is the only realy new thing since we started TTC in January.

Does this sound familiar, or am I just having an allergic reaction to something or other?

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Almost forgot to mention: I am also tired. Really really tired. Last night I had to go to sleep at about half past eight because I just cound't keep my eyes open any more. I have no other reason for fatigue, I don't feel ill or something and it's life as usual at the office, so it's not work either.

It does seem a bit early to be having signs at al though, isn't it?

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Hi, I was about 9 DPO when i started to have very similar symptoms as you. I took a test that day and got a very faint positive, tested later that day with a different brand test and got the same result. That was two days ago and of course I have tested both days and the result gets a little datrker each day. I never had symptoms this early and this will be my fourth! Every pregnancy is different and every person is different. Don't rule out a positive yet!

7 years ago

you could be off slightly with your dates? i just got my bfp this morning and sice just after i think i ovulated i started getting yellow cm then for the past i dunno almost a week i have been so exhausted... implantation can happen around 5dpo to about 12dpo.... so you may have implanted or your body is just responding already? good luck.

7 years ago

ps my boobs are itchy and nips getting sensative!

7 years ago

I can't be far off with the dates: I used opk to determine my ovulation date. I am getting more hopeful though: my symptoms are getting stronger, I'm strangely emotional, I have to pee all the time, etc. etc. etc. I can't put my finger on it, it just seems 'different' from regular PMS.

I'll have to sit on my hands to prevent myself from testing early! :)

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By the way, congrats to both (?) of you!

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Your breast could be itchy from the skin stretching. Do they seem larger? Increased size is a sign of preg!


7 years ago

Mines are itchy as hell to girl I know what you talking about it's so annoying and I haven't gotten my period today

3 years ago

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