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Rocky BBT temps after ovulation?

Hi Everyone,,, I'm having a bit of a delema... I just started bbt charting this month and everything went fine until after I had a clear temp shift that indicated ovulation... all the other signs match (CM,,CP) and so I know I ovulated... On DPO 4 and 7 I had a temp dip with two days inbetween higher temps... I am now on DPO 11 and I had a temp dip again yesterday and this morning again... but still no sign of AF! My cervix in unreachable today (HIGH) and I have lots of creamy CM... My cervix was low but soft yesterday evening and it was closed,,, today I couldn't reach it... I have a little bit of cramping and I have to pee a lot... I'm thinking pregnancy perhaps,, but the temps are making me think otherwise,,,, If anyone has had this or can tell me whats is going on,,, I would be so thankful!! Baby dust to all!!

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I've searched tons of charts on ff and yes, some people have erratic bbt's while others have totally flat. Some womens dip below the cover line and some don't. Sadly, there is no rhyme or reason or set of rules that our charts go by!!

Also, you should research "fallback rise" which is what it sounds like your bbt's are doing. It's totally normal.

If you don't have clear thermal shifts perhaps talk to your doctor about anovulatory cycles.

Also, I'd suggest you trying out OPK's as those are a great way to detect ovulation since sometimes our body's CM and CP don't line up with our O!!

Good luck!!

7 years ago

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