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Extreme breast tenderness, tingling, and leaking nipples.

What are the chances that at 6 DPO, with extremely tender breasts, tingling breasts, and a small amount of clear to milky white fluid leaking from my nipples, that I could actually be pregnant? And then there is some nausea here and there. Could I just be off on my ovulation dates? Or could I REALLY show symptoms already?

2 Answers • 7 years ago


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Im 5dpo today and I'm having white creamy
non sticky Cm.. And I just notice on my tshirt left breast
is leaking a lil I'm not wearing a bra due to tender
sore breast..?? Can anyone tell me if this is normal
sign of bfp.. Or I might have unbalance hormones???

7 years ago

@jmsunder have u done a preg test yet?
If so can u share ur results please?!

7 years ago

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