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Evening Primrose Oil???

Hi ladies!

My name is Dee. I'm TTC baby #5. We've been trying for 8 or 9 cycles now (I've lost count) and I'm looking for some advice.

I have a luteal phase defect. It is usually anywhere from 4-7 days long (super short). Last cycle, however, I managed to go 10 DPO! Woot woot! :) The regimen I used was: B6 (200 mg), baby aspirin, Fertilaid for me, Vitex (800 mg), super B complex, and folic acid. I have low progesterone, also, and used NatPro progesterone cream starting at 3 DPO until I got my period yesterday. My question is, do you think if I introduced EPO at the beginning of my cycle it would affect my body negatively?

Any advice is appreciated! Baby dust to all of you!

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Hi Dee,
I thought EPO only increase CM? You take it from CD 1 and stop at ovulation. I didn't think it messed around with your cycle. The only thing I know is that you just shouldn't take it after ovulation because it is said to cause uterine contractions (thus is why preggo women use it as well at the end of pregnancy)

"Evening Primrose Oil or EPO helps women to produce more fertile quality cervical fluid also known as â??egg white cervical mucusâ??. This type of cervical fluid is fertile, thin, watery, clear and â??stretchyâ?? and easily aids the sperm to swim through the uterus and into the fallopian tube, and to the egg. Also, this type of fluid helps the sperm to stay alive for up to five days inside the fallopian tube, thus enabling conception to happen even if you donâ??t have intercourse again by the time ovulation occurs.

5 years ago

Gotcha! :) Thank you for your help! I WAS taking it all cycle and someone told me I should stop. I didn't know why. :) I will start taking it again tonight until I o! :)

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