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2nd month on cbfm but been trying 4 months

well im on cycle day6 anyone else as im using cbfm and im so waiting for my peak bedding everyother day as thats how i was sucessful in last pregnancy so ladies if any of you wanna thread eachother or keep thread going lets start it anyone with peak today or got good feelings for there cycle im hoping this might be my last post as so trying hard this month

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I am using the CBEFM too! I had to do IUI with my first son, but wanted to try this before going to the RE again for our second. I know this post was 3 weeks old but just courious how it is going for you. Hopefully good. Anyways I just started using it this month and had all highs and then finally got my peak on cycle day 9 which i have never got a positive before. I try not to get my hopes up cause I know how it was the first time trying. But the machine is pretty neat on I now know when I ovulated I also compared to the reg opk and it was positive too! So anyways I just wanted to reply to ur post. Hopefully all is going good for you.

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well thanks maxwell28 i got my bfp on that cycle [1st time with cbefm] but we sadly m/c 11/04/12 so were back with the monitor this ie first cycle after m/c got high yesterday cd7 bd yeterday @1pm kids at school haha also got conceive plus yesterday great stuff got my peak this morning cd8 and it will be peak tomorrow for us so we will be bd for the nxt 4 day now i love the word neat to discribe it as i know i love seeing that eggie [3 bars] its like YES YES CO.OM LOVE IT] so it will be really nice if we could be ttc buddies as i car.nt belive how close we are in cycles and were both deffo gonna get that result BFP how many days are your cycles my are longest24days shortest 21days but i have 21day cycles now for 6 months so really short but good as i peak on 8/9 so lp is 12 which is short but good so keep in touch and baby dust for the rest of your cycle xx

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