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Been Feeling down :(

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Hi im quiet new to the forum , me n my oh have been ttc for over 2 years now
we are both hopefully getting help from our doctors within the next couple of weeks to do fertility tests
anyway for a while there i had been coping not to bad from month to month and having no joy conceiving bt now have found out 2 more ppl i knw are expecting i jst dnt know how to deal with this part that every time i hear abt someone i knw expecting i feel sorry for myself
jst had to get this of my chest as i dnt really have anyone to talk to abt this, my oh jst tells me it will be our turn one day bt i jst keep wondering when will that be coz it feels like its never going to happen :( n hoped maybe people on here could give me some advice to try help me pick myself back up again

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Ok, I'm SOOO confused. I got another BFP today! But I never get them in the time frame which makes me think that maybe they are evaporation lines. BUT they are always pink lines. Most evaporation lines are grey not pink. I'm so lost anymore!

Wilson, I'm glad you got your tests done! Hopefully everything is fine and you just need to keep trying!!

I'm going to band myself from peeing on sticks. Arg.

6 years ago

Good to hear Wilson! Doesn't it feel so much better more that it is over??? Great Feeling for you I am sure! Now just to get GREAT results!

mrsbaurs I have "in my head" symptoms all the time! Somtimes if I am watching TV and I think I feel something I mute the TV like that will make my symptoms easier to "listen" to... Haha I am a nerd!

Danielle are you using different tests? Tests that may have a recall on them? Testing when your urine is concentrated and than again when it isn't? Crazy stuff but I hope that the BFN are totally wrong and your BFP are totally right!

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6 years ago

hey danielle1986 have u tried a digital pregnancy test i found them alot simpler just for the fact it tells you ''not pregnant'' or how far on you are from 2weeks i think
dont know if that will help with any confusion
I do hope you bfp is true though
sending baby dust your way :)

Im hoping my results all come back ok jst going to try keep myself busy for the next 7 days (my af is due in 6 and test results in 7 lol)

Yep dolphin1204 it feels so much better thats the test done i was soo nervous i was actually shaking when i went into see my doctor now i know if i need blood work done again i dont have to stress about it :) and yep fingers crossed i get some positive results
i know what u mean about symptoms i swear i go mad every month coming up to af being due thinking i have symptoms lol

baby dust :)

6 years ago • Post starter

I got another BFP!!!! Its official! I am pregnant!!! I'm going to see my doctor on Thursday to confirm. I've taken 4 tests today and they are all POSTIVE!! I also used 2 different name brands! Baby Dust is in the air!!

By the way ladies, this was our FIRST month using PRESEEED!!!!!!! BUY IT!!!

Good luck!!!!

6 years ago

Congrats Danielle!!! Keep us posted on the doc visit. I have heard of Preseed from several people. I just might have to get some if this month doesn't work out.

6 years ago

We use preseed as well. Got us pregoo twice I swear by it! CONGRATS Danielle! Good luck with the appointment!

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6 years ago

I just took a digital test too! It said "Pregnant 1-2 Weeks". EEEEK I'm on cloud 9 and can barely believe this is happening. I swear by Preseed now. It really works. We've been trying for a long time with no luck until this month when we used it. It Works!!!

Baby Dust to ALL!! I'll keep you posted. :)

6 years ago

I broke down and tested this morning. I got a . I am so disappointed. My boobs are killing me and they never hurt when I get AF. I am hoping that maybe I tested too early. I am going to try and hold out until Wednesday to test again assuming the doesn't show up. I am just so upset at this point! Hope everyone else is having better luck!

6 years ago

aww congratulations danille1986 soo happy for you hope everything goes well at the doctors keep us posted :)

hey mrsbaurs fingers crossed for u and hope no af for u this month and u did test to early baby dust your way

i have 2 days until af is due and 3 days till i phone the docs for my results ive had no pregnancy symptoms so doubt this month will be our month bt always next month

ive never heard of preseed might have to look into that for next month

baby dust to all :)

6 years ago • Post starter

Mrs Baurs: I think you have tested to early. I got lucky with my testing. I did see a positive result at 9DPO. BUT I think I'm further along then I think I am. I did another digital pregnancy test this morning. And now it says Pregnant 2-3 weeks. So I think I'm a week further along then I thought I was. Try using pre-seed. Your month will come! I didn't think this was my month either. I was actually in good spirits about getting my period. Just when you don't think its going to happen it will!!

Thank you everyone for the congrats! I hope to see you all joining me soon. As of right now I am due the start of November. I hope this little bean sticks!!

Baby Dust to ALL!! :)

6 years ago

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