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TTC - New and looking for cycle buddies

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Hi I am 24 and DH is 29 and we are trying for number one after being married almost two years.

We have been trying for a few months without much success.

I am currently cd 2/3 and lookinf for anyone who wants to chat or be buddies. I am starting to temp this month as well as opks and preseed.

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Problem is I can't remember if they were like this last month. I remember them being sorer than the month before but I can't remember when it started. My nipples were definitely not like this though. I don't think I will poas until AF is due or later. AF is due next Thursday so I will know soon enough. I am not very hopeful because we were only able to babydance after o so I am trying to ignore any symptoms that come along. It is too hard to deal with the disappointment.

Kates86- how did the doctors go??

Good luck for both tests with the husbands ï??

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Let's hope bd after af can do the trick!

Doctors appointment isn't until next week. I will let you know how I go and how dh goes with SA. Let's hope both good news!

Where are you girls from? I am in Australia.

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5 years ago

I'm in Australia too, QLD.

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I hope u both get your BFp this week! As for me hoping I O or at least get. AF so I can start again next cycle. I like tempting it gives you more of a specific time frame. (when I temp correctly) keep us posted!

Btw I live in Miami, Florida :)

5 years ago

We are living in Singapore as expats (have been here over 3 years) and are moving back to Texas next month!

5 years ago

Purple - Any news on O?? :)

I hate that time period where you know that the chances are low and you're just waiting for AF... :/ At least that just means another month to try :)

I'm at the point (CD 3) where I'm finally just not grouchy anymore... pretty sure my DH is happy about that!!

I've always wanted to visit Australia... one of the only places abroad (I'm in Colorado) that my DH is willing to fly to :)

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I'm 28, DH is 27' we'll have been married 6 years in October. I've been off the pill since november, so that's about 6 months. I want off around the time I went for an endoscopy for possible endo. I work in a hospital, and had the procedure at the same place, one of my colleagues said, oh so that explains why you're struggling to have a baby... I was speechless! People thought we were struggling before we'd even started trying. So we're denfinatly keeping it top secret now that we are trying.

I'm cd 17, we did bd on the day I was expected to ovulate by cm and charting cycles ( based on af on an app since I had the surgery). This is our first month of officially trying but I'm stressing out already! I'm already over analysing every symptom... And implantstion wouldn't have occurred yet, so there's not way I could have symptoms already.

It is so difficult when so many people around you seem to be having babies with out even trying, I think in a way for a while now I've been hoping it would happen by accident, if that makes any sense. But after 6 years of marriage and no oopsies it's time to be more active. I was initially using a mirena, after 4 years I had it removed, I had chronic thrush and pain, it also severely affected my libido, which took it's toll on our relationship. Has anyone else had experience with a mirena?

It's difficult not to get excited, but if this is our month, we will test on DH's birthday, and baby would be due on the day before mine :) this would be a good month *sigh*

Hope everyone else are doing well! I'm also an expat, but based in the middle east. Hoping to move to Canda after we have our first.

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sav- still no sign of O anytime soon :( I think im not 0ing this cycle. I want AF so I can try again next one! I am using FF so well see what happens with my charting/temping. GL this cycle!!!

contemplating: welcome!! yah this journey is long and hard for some, but hopefully ull get ur BFP soon! Hope u get it on DHs bday! :)

5 years ago

10dpo today and just took my first FRER test...BFN :( no symptoms this month so pretty sure I'm out. Gonna test again in two days...

Also waiting for DHs SA results from yesterday. Praying they are much better than 3 months ago but not expecting too much.

5 years ago

You've still got a good fighting chance... 10DPO only has like a 50-60% chance of showing a positive... Don't lose hope!!! I seem to be a symptom fanatic... so I over analyze everything... having "no symptoms" may be a good sign!!!

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5 years ago

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