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Trying for a 2013 baby

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has just arrived and I am devastated.

I am starting this group for everyone ttc a 2013 baby, regardless of when you ovulate or how many children you do or don't have.

Please join and maybe we can all support each other over the next 12 months.xx

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Me too me too!!!! Day is almost over and my had an increase of a whitish creamy/sticky CM. I hope this is my month!! Sometimes I feel like I want to test today, but I keep thinking day its almost over and I rather do it with the first morning urine. I also work at a volunteer center and they have free pregnancy tests, so probably grab one over there.

5 years ago

ill probably test again in morning just to see if anything shows up then considering that one was after alot of fluid and late in the day today

5 years ago

@bahoward - Yes try early tomorrow! and let us know!!!

5 years ago

i will soon as i take it

5 years ago

Snowwhite may I ask what shot is he getting?

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5 years ago

How can someone be that mean! Did that person remove their comment because I don't see it and I would have nicely crapped on them.

She's the bitch!

Anyway.... So I'm on CD 6 today, O day is on 27th this month so I will hang in there and try our best.

Going to Doc today just to test that all is ok, I had my annual check up in Jan and everything seemed ok but for the life of me I don't understand how an OB/GYN can say that spotting constantly throughout the month is ok as well as clotting.

Dh is also going to Doc today after me, just gonna sort out his chest and then maybe also ask the Doc about sperm testing etc.

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5 years ago

Morning ladies!

Well I'm 11dpo today and I think I have Thrush :/ when I wiped this morning I had yellow CM yup, YELLOW lol it's thick and lumpy and gross.
Cervix is high firm and closed.
Again another day of not really having any symptoms. I've bought my 'just incase' - but will do anyway pregnancy test haha. I went in and grabbed one of the Boots pregnancy tests but when I got home it's NOT an early use one so I guess it's MIU sensitivity muct SUCK!
I'll use it anyway haha provided AF doesn't show up.

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5 years ago

Welcome snowwhite!!!!

bahoward I see somethin but I don't know if I have line eyes or not, test again. The cmment is gone now, why do people have to be so mean e are all in the same boat here.xx

Almira where are you? did you test yet? Ladysorrow68 have you tested?xx

Elliekayejaye, thrush, I got that with my 2nd pregnancy, I will keep my fingers crossed that this is it for you.xx

Lindsaytom I hope everything goes ok at th doctors for you an hubby.xx

I am busy makingmy daughters birthday cake today she will be 15 tomorrow, where doesthe time go it is scary!!! Not much to report this end got at least another 17 days till I ovulate so I will just be hanging around talking rubbish for the next couple of weeks!!

to all.xx

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Just 1 more, Enjoy your Daughters birthday!
The wait to Ovulate is sooo long and boring in't it? I don't OV til CD 20-24 so it goes on an eternity haha!

Thread's quiet, I bet most of you are American and currently tucked up in bed.

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5 years ago

Good morning girls,

No I havent tested yet! I dont have a freakin pregnancy test. hahahhahaha need to go get one asap!!

NO AF yet. Woke up with lower back pain, extremely hungry, tired and with stomach cramps. booo... but still no sign of the witch. I feel very dry down there though. I hope is not a bad sign.

Cd 32 today for me. My cycles are always ranging from 28 to 31... will see...

Will let you know what happens!!!!!!!!

5 years ago

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