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Hi ladies! A few of us who supported eachother in the tww leading up to Sept 5 wanted to continue the encouragement and support we felt at the end of Aug - beginning of Sept.

A few of us got a BFP (yay!) and a few of us are gearing up for POAS again (OPKs). Check in regularly so we can all celebrate the joys and support each other through the harder times.

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i can *definitely* relate to the excessive symptom spotting! it seems like the second i'm in the tww, i'm picking apart every moment of my day, wondering whether that twinge in my belly was digestion or pregnancy-related! hah. try not to make yourself too crazy! i think i'm doing that enough for everyone. hah

afm - i'm still not sure about ovulation. i took my temp this morning with the normal thermometer (i have two) and it said 97.26. i was bummed so i took it immediately with the other thermometer: 97.8. the second one almost always seems to read higher than the first, but that seems like a big difference. so i took my temp again with the first one and it was 97.77. so yeah. not sure what to make of that. i recorded 97.77 today, but i think the only thing i can do is wait and see. which, of course, is the most annoying, frustrating part of ttc!

bigv - have you seen the doc yet? i'm so excited for you!!

gray - that could be a good sign (though see my first paragraph.. hah!). i'm crossing my fingers for you!

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6 years ago

Hey ladies!

Oh, how I love to check in here and see what everyone is up to. I'm presently out of town on a business trip and haven't been able to connect to this fantastic forum in too long!

I have to say, I laughed out loud when you guys commented about my temping! Part of the reason I'm doing it is because I can't really believe I'm pregnant! I feel mostly normal. My boobs have definitely grown significantly, and every once in a while I have nausea, or a huge appetite, or great thirst, but generally speaking, I feel 100% normal. The only noticeable difference is that my CM basically disappeared. Although I feel generally wet down there, I'm not having the profuse CM that many women say they get in early pregnancy.

The other reason I'm still temping is because I think it's hilarious that my temps have been EXACTLY the same for 7 of the last 9 days! Every morning, I swear my thermometer is broken, but if I switch locations or take my temp an hour later, it gives me different numbers. It tickles me so much that I'm going to keep taking it until I get some variation!

I know it's horrible, but because I'm away on a business trip, I haven't called my doctor yet! I literally haven't had a moment of free time, and since I'm trying NOT to tell my new company that I got pregnant 4 days after being hired, I can't really make the call while I'm around these people -- which is always. I'll have to set up my appointment on Friday when they're letting us back into normal society! ;-)

Now, to respond to all of your wonderful posts :-)

Jennybobenny -- I'm so glad you found another donor, and so soon! Let's hope that his sperm work their magic. It's kind of nice that you get a month to pay really close attention to your body when you're definitely not pregnant. That'll make it that much more exciting when you ARE pregnant and notice that things are different! I, for one, can't wait for the your big announcement. :-)

Torontochick -- I have never seen someone baby dance as much as you! ;-) You must be tired, girl! Haha... All of my fingers are crossed for you. I'm also hoping that you're feeling more hopeful than "out" this month. A few days ago I read a research study about implantation that said the vast majority (82% of women) implant between days 8 and 10. If that's true, you are definitely still in the game! Keep the hope alive!

Graysam -- the lack of PMS symptoms can definitely be a good thing! I imagine that not having the symptoms is probably a benefit in and of itself! No cramping, no bursting out in tears... :-) Oh, the things we go through. I'm also praying that this cycle is it for you, too. I think we both went off bcp at the same time, so it would be so darn cool if we both got BFPs at the same time, too.

Elizabeth -- those darn thermometers will mess you up! Haha... I swear, no matter what we do, it seems like they're intentionally out to trick us! As long as you're using the same thermometer consistently, I think you're okay. Also, I read somewhere that individual daily temperatures don't matter, because the purpose of temping is to see trends. I think that's kind of comforting, because we always get those days when we simply KNOW the thermometer is lying! LOL.

Anyway, keep the updates coming, gals! It's so fun to read about what's happening with all of you and to hope for you. I'm seriously addicted to this group and I'm planning on sticking around until every last one of you gets the BFP she deserves!

6 years ago

@BigV... I so enjoyed reading your update, you must have some idle time on your business trip to be able to cheer everyone on ;)

I am still torn about my "symptoms"... My temps have been dropping for the past few days. There was only little CM, which has almost disappeared by now. My boobs have been feeling sore on the sides in particular since yesterday pm and the soreness seems to have increased today. This morning I saw a minute beige-brownish spot on the TP and figured I'm officially out. I even told DBF that we're out again this month.

However, I realized, that my pregnancy chart five years ago (almost exactly to the day) had a very similar pattern with temps going down til 9 DPO. At 10 DPO I was fully prepared for AF but then I had a temp spike and sure enough, a BFP.

Today, I felt really dizzy and light-headed all day. I did not have any food or carb cravings as I typically have pms and also, my face is perfectly clear ( l usually break out before and during Af). What's more, after I came back from lunch I went to the bathroom and *tmi* when I wiped, I had some reddish pinkish spotting on the TP but not like AF blood more like tinged CM.
This, and your post BigV, really cheered me up. Especially the fact that you don't seem to have any CM so far and the article you cited about the majority of women having implantation at only 8 to 10 DPO... So there is still a chance for me for this anxiously awaited BFP. :)

@Elizabeth I fully agree with BigV. With temping it does not matter how high the temps are in terms of degrees, what counts is the biphasic pattern or the slope of the curve, not so much if they are in the 96s, 97s or 98s. What is important though, is that you try to temp around the same time every morning and always use the same thermometer. I have resorted to vaginal temping a long time ago, as my mouth was always to dry after waking up and I kept getting bogus readings.

I am tempted to poas tomorrow, but I'm also nervous about a potential BFN in case it's a day too early. I think I can safely test on Friday, but let's see how I feel tomorrow...

P.S. @BigV ... I got pregnant with DS a month after I had joined a new company... Four days is pretty cool though ;))))))

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6 years ago

Ladies just an update..

I am getting very hopeful! lol (When am I not, right? lol) I have had mild cramps off and on for the last two days, worse when I lay down and just now I had something interesting...TMI ALERT :)....I had some "mucus spotting" in my underwear. If I didn't know any better, it was like I was losing pieces of my mucus plug before labor ha ha This is a good thing right? I know it could be nothing but I haven't had a lot of discharge recently and this never happens to me. I don't have an infection, itching, burning, smell, pain or anything, just for the record! I have had slight nausea today and yesterday but also ate spicy food! lol Still peeing all the time!

I also started temping today because I finally bought a digital thermometer. So even if this cycle isn't the one, I can temp next month since my experience with OPK' sucked.

Congrats to BigV!!!! So exciting!!

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6 years ago

Hi ladies eek I've not been on here since the very beginning.
I am now CD 54!!!
I have had blood taken today for HCG tests.
Not sure what will happen if they came back negative obviously something has caused my period to 'skip'
Had a Urine tests done today at doctors too and
So no clue what's going on really.

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6 years ago

@Elle ... In case your bw comes back with no result, have you considered taking Vitex (agnus castus)? It's proven to bring on AF and ovulation. It seems to me that you did not ovulate, which can result in superlong cycles...

@graysam Mucus spottig is a very good indicator!!! This could be your bfp, girl!

My glimpse of optimism from yesterday has disappeared. Had some brownish spotting this morning, which is definetely the witch coming. Will have an u/s tomorrow and get my meds. We decided to move on to medicated AI procedures right away and not waste anymore time. Still, I am quite sad it did not work out this cycle :(

Me: 43 DBF: 49 13 unsuccessful cycles TTC IVF #3: u/s 8w2d: bean stopped growing, no hb , 06/21 D&C IVF #4 BFP - it's a girl! 06-03-2013 Fiona Isabel was born

6 years ago

Count me in!!! I just got off AF and i'm waiting to OV.

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6 years ago

I am so sorry torontochick, I know how disappointing it can be :( Keep us updated still though!! I am hopeful and praying for you.

Last night I was nauseous and my boob were so sore. This also doesn't usually happen to me! I am getting very excited even though I feel like I shouldn't so I don't set myself up for disappointment!! I will keep you posted ladies!!

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6 years ago

torontochick - so sorry to hear about af coming! it's always so disappointing, no matter how many months you've tried for. i think it's a great idea to get on with other methods though - of course everyone hopes it works out quickly for them, but it's good to take charge and move forward. it'll happen for you eventually!

gray - you're right in the part of the tww when i'd probably start wasting pregnancy tests, 'just in case'. hah. it sounds like you've got something going on though! fingers crossed!

afm - still not convinced my thermometer is working properly (last night at 9pm it was 94 something!), but at least today both read 97.8 or 97.9. whether that's something or just more fluke readings, who knows. i tried to pick up a new one today, but after checking out three stores, i gave up.
we're out of province for the next couple of days... the three hour time change will probably mess up my temps, but there's not much i can do.
i've got three events back to back that i have to figure out how not to drink at (and not seem suspicious for avoiding drinking) - two fancy dinners and a wedding. not sure how i'm going to pull that off, but it has to be done.

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6 years ago

I am going to get tests today! The last two days my boobs have hurt so bad I feel like I need to breastfeed someone! lol Seriously. It is insane. I have been on the pill, depo, and the patch before and never had this as a PMS thing. Haven't spent much of my adult life off of birth control but what I did, never had this for PMS. I posted a question here on the symptoms board. I know that sore boobs are a common pms symptom but I have only felt like this after I gave birth and my milk came in! lol I have been reading a lot about how progesterone causes this and yada yada but I want to know ladies, how many if you get very sore boobs with PMS?

Also, I have been very queasy the last two days. I am only 9 DPO. Ironically, this all times out perfectly with when fertility friend says I could have "implanted" now I wasn't temping all month so I don't know how reliable that can be.

I just told DH this is a very cruel joke if I am not pregnant lol

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6 years ago

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