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Last Round of Clomid. HCG Shot. Cycle Buddies??

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I am on my last round of Clomid, and things are... interesting...

I went to my dr today for an ultrasound to see how far my follicles have dilated (my dr is looking for 1.8cm). Curiously enough, he found two eggs cysts (right at 1.5 and left at 1.2). My DB and I decided to go through with the HCG injection since we have been trying (since last year), but to no avail. So, my dr. wants me to come back for another ultrasound Wednesday morning and if one of follicles is 1.8cm dilated he will administer the HCG shot... However, if the they are both at that size, as he puts it, my chance to have twins "is not insignificant." I'm kind of excited about the idea actually :)

SO - I guess if I get the shot on Wednesday, I will ovulate on Thursday 5/23. Any I am certainly welcoming any cycle buddies :)

Also, if you have any questions about Clomid, and have any information about the HCG shot, I'd love to chat!

Best wished to everyone!

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Hello ladies! It's the weekend so lets enjoy it. Court we already tried the new car thing. this last Xmas it was my present. We decided to get a mid size suv to have room for the kiddos, just need the key ingredient ... a baby! Well at least we are ready!

I should be o'ing in the next couple of days. I'm on cd12 and usually I'm due around cd 17-21. I'm going to start my opk's tomorrow so I will see how that goes. This last time around with my clomid I almost missed my positive. The only reason I knew I got it was bc I tested twice a day. My lh surge seems shorter now with the clomid. But I guess it doesnt matter too much since I temp and I know kind of when to expect it.

Well u girls have a good weekend. I'll be busy working just started, was my Monday today so at least my mind will be busy with work.

5 years ago

Well, it sounds like we're all ready for the drive home from the hospital, huh? Hahaha. I drove my niece and nephew in my new truck this morning and they looked so cute in the back seat...and they had so much room!

Really not looking forward to hitting the one year mark of ttc at the end of this month, but oh well. Summer's coming!

Lisette, good luck with the opk' this your last round of clomid before you see a specialist? I can't remember.

Missy, how are you doing?

5 years ago

Hey ladies! I hope you have both had a nice weekend!

Apparently, we are really all on the same page. We got a new 4 Runner a last year. My bf opted for an suv instead of a truck b/c we were getting started on a family. The interior still looks a little too pristine :) It is aching for some Cheerios strewn about the backseat :)

I started testing with the opks super early this month, since we are natural this month and I have no idea how that is going to work. I've been on a 32-34 day cycle, so I should O cd18-cd20. I'm on cd13 today; so, we are timed just right, Lisette! Where are you in your cycle, Court?

I'm not getting optimistic about anything this month, just hoping to ovulation and have a little bit of a chance.

I agree about the quick LH surge. I test twice a day, and I will only get my smiley face once throughout my cycle. I didn't even get one last month, which has me even more concerned with going it alone this cycle. My bf keeps saying that he really wishes we could do things naturally (doesn't everyone?) - so I am telling him that this is his month to do that! :) He is already on the bd'ing schedule - can't complain about his enthusiasm! :)

So, I have to tell yall what happened THE DAY AFTER I got the HCG injection this past month... I got laid off... The organization I work for decided to eliminate my position. So, my stress level going into this cycle is off the charts. My bf does well with his work, so we are ok... and we are continuing our tcc journey. It is just another thing that is making the positivity hard to come by. And yall will never believe what I found out from a friend (and confirmed with a little research) - new employers/insurance can deny maternity coverage if you are pregnant when you begin a new insurance plan. There are HIPAA regulations against classifying pregnancy as a pre-existing condition, but there are loopholes and many people (incl. my friend's close friend) who have been denied coverage. It is a little scary, for sure. While it isn't what we planned, if we needed to, we would just married and I would go on his insurance -- but hopefully things will work out...

Fingers crossed about everything! (I've been telling my bf that is Murphy's Law that we will be successful now! I certainly hope so! I've been telling him all about you gals -- we are both thinking positive for you two as well this month!)

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I got my positive OPK today! YAY!

Hope everything is moving along well with yall!

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WhooHOO missy! That's just what you had hoped for! Despite all the stress and the 'natural' cycle, you did it!

As for your job, I'm so sorry. I can't believe that. Talk about overwhelming. I'm glad your bf can support you, though. That takes the edge off, I'm sure. As for the health insurance stuff, what state are you in? I live in MA and we have a state-run MassHealth insurance you can get if you need it. You pay for it out of pocket, but on a sliding scale, so those who are unemployed pay almost nothing. I know because my brother has been unemployed and he was on it. Otherwise, what about looking into catastrophic health insurance? A lot of times there's a high hospital stay deductible, but it may cover pregnancy. I don't know...

As for me, I'm on cycle day 8. I'll likely ovulate on day 16-18 (the clomid pushed it back for me), so I'm about a week behind you guys.

So, I got a call from my aunt saying she and my mother (who I'm not close with) are going to visit us....they already booked the tickets without even calling! UG. Anyway, they'll be with us in our tiny 900sq ft apartment for the exactly days we need to be doing the BD. Awesome. Deep breaths...

Hope you're well! Love that Missy got a great big smiley face!


5 years ago

Hey Court and Lisette!

So, you know how you over-think everything with this whole process; I started being really concerned that I had a false positive on the opk b/c this is early, I tested with FMU and I didn't get another smiley today. I have been burning up the internet today trying to ease my mind a little bit, and I came across this article. I think yall said that you both used the Clear Blue easy digital, and this info is really good!

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Great news! I just read the article. So there was a reason my specialist recommended only that brand! Smart little fellows, those sticks, huh?

I remember once my doctor telling me one smiley face is a smiley face and to stop testing as soon as you get it. This must have been the reason why!

Glad you had a true, put the OPKs away and save your money! Go do the BD instead! :)

ps- I also know a smiley face means you 'will likely' ovulate in 24-36 hours. So, keep doing the BD for at least two days during/after a smiley.


5 years ago

Hello missy and court

Hooray for your positive opk Missy!!! I just finished reading the article and it was super informative! I was also a bit confused using them because I got my first smiley yesterday night and its only CD 13!! --Looks like we are on the same exact cycle. I still got a smiley this morning and I'll test tonight before bed. I'm a little surprised because it is way too early for me. Natural cycle I usually O'd around CD 19-21 and last month with clomid I O'd CD 17. I was thinking it might be a false smiley. DId clomid make you guys O earlier?

Missy so sorry to hear about your job. It's unfortunate added stress is never well received. My husband works for the state and has been facing job problems pretty much since before we got married. In the last 3 yrs he had been laid off 3 times. It's been a blessing he has been able to keep his current job ( almost a yr now)

It's amazing the lengths insurance companies go to not pay for services! This was one of the main reasons I have not looked around for another job . I did not want to be pregnant and not be able to have ins pay. So I figure I'm stuck here for a while.

So funny story. More pregnant girls at work. Another one of the girls just found out she was 6 months pregnant and she had no idea, she's due in sept/oct! It's even funnier because its another girl from starbucks. (starbucks is inside the grocery store) That would make 4 girls from starbucks. I joke that I should work there on my days off and have whatever baby drink they are making and not sharing because apparently my decaf americanos are not working!!

Court, sounds like good times are coming your way!! Unexpected visits are not always welcomed. Deep breaths is wonderful advice. Maybe their visit is a good sign , there timing was just right so that must mean something positive for you guys.

5 years ago

When you start working at Starbucks, send the two of us some of that special drink in the mail!!!!!!! :)

Well, there's more pregnant people at my work, too. Just announced today. And our neighbor's just brought their second baby home from the hospital...and in the city, with all the windows open, we constantly hear the little newborn cries. Oh, and our other neighbor is pregnant with her third.


Missy, when can you test?

5 years ago

Hey ladies!

YAY Lisette and your smiley! You're next Court, so excited for you early :)

I have to admit, I am still a little unsure about when I O. The ultrasounds really helped me identify the symptoms and recognize when things were happening, but I can't say that I found the opks to be 24-36. My 4th cycle of Clomid (April) I got a smiley about cd14, but I am absolutely sure I didn't O until CD18 or cd19 - my AF came 14 days later, so I'm even more sure. (However - I do think that everything is happening on time this month so - I'm kinda shocked, actually.) Aside from opks and temp (which I am still figuring out) - do yall do anything else to determine your O time?

UGH! Sorry about your upcoming house guests - I will never understand why people just invite themselves. Who knows -- maybe the sneaking around to BD might be fun (for a few days anyway :) )

For me - it is my friends and family getting prego. At work - the OPPOSITE - they are wildly anti-children. A few of my closer co-workers who know that we are trying like to tell me the reasons they are never having kids. Yeah, don't care. Good thing I'm leaving, I guess :)

I guess I am going to plan on testing 7/3, maybe 7/2 if I am feeling good about things. What day are you going to test Lisette?

I'm ready for one of those Sbux drinks, too! I would think with as much Starbucks as I consume, I would have found it by now!

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