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Hi ladies!!

Lets start things off as usual.... with an introduction/update!

My name is Joy
I am 28 (29 in about a week), and dh is 29
we've been together 10yrs
Got married and bought a house together in 2009
From Canada
I'm currently a housewife, but hope to soon be a stay at home mom

I got pg back in the summer of 2010 then m/c'd at 8 weeks
We ttc for 8 cycles after the m/c, (10 months)
We have a nursery room all set up waiting for baby

I got a BFP on June 30th 2011
Had a missed m/c on Aug 18th 2011
Since then I have been rushed to the hospital 3 times for excessive bleeding (once via ambulance cause I passed out)
I have had 2 emergency D&C's, 2 Folley Ballooons, 3 blood transfusions of 2 bags each, & a Hysteroscopey. (Not to be confused with a "HysterECTAMY")

I Finally got back to TTC in Jan/Feb 2012 and on March 21st I got my BFP!
I am currently almost 11 weeks pregnant!
My first ob/gyn apt was Wed April 4th 2012
He put me on progestrone and asked to see me in 2 weeks
My next apts were April 19th 2012 & May 3rd
At our May 3rd apt (at 9 weeks5 days) we heard the best sound ever - our little one's heartbeat!!
We're going for our 1st non-diagnostic u/s on May 15th!
My due date is Dec 1st 2012!

This is truly an amazing group of ladies & I really hope our string of luck (& bfps) continues!! ladies!


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Hi everyone!

Not much to say really, CD17 and I think I have a + OPK. Well it's much darker than yesterdays test so I know some surge is going on haha!

last night and am planning to again tomorrow. That egg's not getting away from me easily lol

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5 years ago

Hey Ladies!!
Hope you are all having a great day!! Ok so with my first daughter I was on bed rest for 2 months due to shortening cevix and pre term labor. I went into labor at 23 weeks but was able to stay pregnant until 32 weeks! She is now absolutely perfect, happy, and healthy! I knew going into my 2nd pregnancy I would be high risk again. After a lot of prayer and planning with my high risk dr and ob, we decided we were ready to start the crazy journey! Like I said in my earlier post we have been trying for 3 months and I have been using OPKs and BBT. I have noticed that i ovulate irregulaly. My body seems to attempt to ovulate on CD 16 &17 but isnt able to and gears up and O's around CD 20-21. However this cycle was cd 23-24. I am not used to such irregular cycles! My obgyn says Clomid would help regulate my ovulation, but will not put me on it due to the risk of multiples. And with my weak/short cervix and irritable uterus that would not be good! I guess I am just frustrated! Sorry I am rambling but i just need to vent! My sister and law and 3 best friends are all pregnant and I am sooo happy for them but get a little jealous:( I am so thankful to have all you wonderful ladies who understand!! Thanks for listening! Any advice or words of wisdom are great:)

5 years ago

Hi all!

Happy Thursday to you! Happy BD'ing, happy testing, happy cycles!

Liza - hoping the Clomid works for you. I'm not familiar with any of these 'fertility' treatments, but this sounds by your post like it could be what will regulate you! Hoping you get your BFP with no complications this time around!!!

Elle - Happy BDING!!

Joy - Seems your little nephew keeps getting sick poor guy. Hope he's well soon, and I'm excited to keep hearing about your apts! When is your u/s again? less than a week by now? I had AF cramping yesterday, but ZERO today...which is abnormal for me this stage in my cycle.

Gummybear - I thought last month was IB - I did a lot of research, and asked a lot on this site, and all I kept getting was "it's not that common" but I think it could be, and it just goes unnoticed a lot. Especially this stage in the game for your cycle, sounds promising! for you! Good luck!

Welcome, Betsy! Hoping you get a BFP and it's a smooth ride

Jenn - thank you! Looks like those 'AF' cramps are gone..which could be a good sign? I normally am really crampy by now in my cycle.

Nicole - hope you get your BFP soon! So sorry for all you've been through....I can't imagine what you and most of the women on this site have gone through. You are awesome - keep your chin up!

Amber - Nice talking to you yesterday! Glad we can swap symptoms and stories. Glad you came on board with us

AFM - I mentioned my AF type cramps are gone. Normally, I'm very crampy 2-3 days before my period comes...I had a fell twinges/pulling yesterday, but none today so far, and CM yesterday and today..which isn't normal. Is extra/ CM at all a pretty common symptom?

Sort of aside from TTC, I found a new company to work through! Nothing for certain yet, but at the current moment, I have absolutely NO benefits at work - insurance, time off, nothing. This company offers full med/dental/vision from day 1, and I can add my DH for 50% premium paid, and I'd get 2 weeks paid vacation, paid holidays, and 1 week paid sick time. The best part of this is I'd have maternity time off if I do get a BFP, and, finally, medical insurance. I'd still be working at Microsoft, but through a different vending compnay. So, with that, I'm at least hopeful that if I don't get a BFP this month, that I will have insurance when the time does come! As of now, I'd end up paying all of my doctors visits and hospital bills out of pocket. So, if I wait a little longer, I'd be covered.

Anyway, of course I'm super hoping but I really think I missed the window. My breasts aren't really sore anymore, but my nipples are now though! And just very tender.

Chat with you later!


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5 years ago

Hi everyone!

My name is Niki, I'm 36 (37 later this month), DH is 34. We've been married for 12.5 years, NTNP until 2009 when we actively started trying. I used to frequent this thread a lot until we decided to take a break last year, the stress of TTC was tearing me apart.

I started doing acupuncture late last year, then went to a new RE this year. I am on my 3rd IUI cycle. Last cycle I had a chemical pregnancy - which is the closest I've ever been to having a baby of my own.

I'm 13 DPO today and just waiting. My boobs are super itchy - especially the nipples. DH teased me this morning when I was complaining about it, he said maybe it meant I was pg. I thought I was out this month (temps dipped a little yesterday), so I didn't test when I woke up (although I did temp, and they were going back up). So I brought a test with me to work and tested with mid-morning urine. It was a crappy blue test, and the urine wasn't very concentrated, so I fully expected a definitive BFN, but a super faint blue line came up right away, so I'll be testing again tonight (been holding it for 3 hours now! lol).

Joy - I am SO excited and happy for you! I am keeping my fingers crossed that this time is the one that sticks!! My gut tells me this is!!

Everyone - so many people, too many right now to say hi to everyone individually, so HI and good luck to all of us!

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5 years ago

Niki - Welcome and might I say congratulations! If you can try getting a pink dye test for your next one. I find they are more reliable and easier to read.

Caitlyn - That's exciting about a possible new job with good benefits. I hope it works out for you.

Liza - I hope you and your doctor can find a way to regulate your cycles. If I were to get pregnant again I would also be high risk, but for other reasons. Part of me is glad because that would mean earlier and more frequent monitoring.

Elle - Have fun BDing!

Joy - Yes, I too had cramping before at least two of my pregnancies. I thought for sure AF was coming, but she didn't!

So I've been doing some research and found that a third of all pregnancies report implantation bleeding. I still haven't had any more bleeding since last night. I've got some increased cm, but that's about it. I guess we will see if it indeed was IB in the next few days.

5 years ago

Hi ladies!

Ok, had a chance to go back and take notes...

Amber (armywife) - I had af cramps before all of my bfps so it's definitely doesnt mean you're out!

Lindsay - I totally agree, keep ttc cause there will never be a "perfect" time to have a baby!

Elle - I am so excited for them to start running tests and working on getting you knocked up!!

Linda - Happy 40th for next week! What day is your bday? Mine is on the 15th!

Liza - Yay for being in the 2ww! Hope your bfp isnt too far off! Sorry you have so many preggo friends around, I know that can be really difficult!

abc123 - Wow, this is already your third thread with us?? I can't even imagine what # I am on then... I've been here since the beginning of them! (Like I mean before they were named "BYOB"!! lol) As for my nephew he really wasnt sick... just had a cold and his mom let him stay home 2 days in a row. And the one last week or the week before was a different nephew who was actually sick. As for my u/s... it's on Tuesday! So like, 4 Days 14.5 hrs! lol!

Tricia - So sorry to hear about the MS, hopefully your bfp isnt too far off so you dont need to be off your meds too long!!

Tessa - & I love your boys names! Very original spelling!!

Jil - hun, hope your hunch is right!

Jess - It really sounds like IB... keeping my it is!! I would so love to see you back on cmp right away!!

Katie - Yay 2 weeks!!

Alicia (Bumble) - I love that you always mention your fur babies! I always mean to add my furry babies to my intro, but I copy and paste it and just adjust the details so I usually forget by then! lol! Hope the 2nd iui did the trick!!

Nicole - Yay for 2dpo! So happy you're finally back ttc!!

Jenn - How did your apt go??? So excited to hear... will be heading to cmp next to see if you have posted!!

Betsy - I think I am considered high risk too, but not because of my age, because of my history. And I also have a high chance of twins as it runs in my family AND dh's... wouldn't complain tho! I have lost 2 babies so I will take whatever I get as long as he/she/they are happy and healthy I'm good!

Niki - Thanks hun! Welcome back! Sorry to hear about your chemical last cycle... hopefully it made you extra fertile this cycle tho and that faint pos really was a bfp! Any news, have you tested again yet??

Also... cant remember who asked about extra cm, but with my last 2 pregnancies I had a huge abundance of cm!

AFM - Nothing new still counting down till my birthday ultrasound.... wish this week/weekend would hurry up already!!

xx Joy

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Hello ladies! I had a super long day; didn't get home from work till 8. Made dinner and now I gotta get my kiddo to bed since it's 9. I guess its good that I'm getting so busy with the clients but my poor arms can hardly handle this. My aunt & uncle are stopping by for dessert in a few minutes so this will be short.

Jess: That totally sounds like IB!!!! Woot Woot! What day are you planning to test?

A big welcome to all our new ladies: Niki, Betsy, Tricia, Tessa, & Liza! Hope this thread bring you tons of !!!

AFM: nothing new; 3 dpo and lots of sticky cm. It too early for any symptoms yet, but hopefully in few days I have some stuff to report!


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5 years ago

btw Joy: darn ticker was wrong, just changed it. I am actually 3 dpo! :-)

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5 years ago

Hi ladies,

Been quite busy with my work lately.

Congrats to those who have graduated.

for those who are in your 2WW. HOpe you gals have your soon..

My last cycle was on 13 Apr, i started testing for OPKs since CD10 till CD25. Still no sign of O. Hence, i went for a scan to check out my follicle.

To my shocking, gyane said i have PCOS.

I am so shock!!!

Cried so badly. I have yet to tell my hubby. Don't know if i should tell him too.

In a very dilemma situation.

The doc said out of 10 woman 1 will be diagnosed with PCOS and always i'm the unlucky 1. Same goes to when i lost my boy due to Placenta Abruption, they said it is a 1 out of 200 pregnancies.

He said, only 60% can get pregnant and it is not easy for them to get pregnant too. 40% cant get pregnant. I am really so worried know. He even said, my previous pregnancy is just purely lucky. Really feel like crying my lungs out..

I asked for an induce for menses and 2 cycles of clomid. Today is my 3rd day to take pills on induce menses. My previous pregnancy the doc gave me 100mg of clomid to start with, i got pregnant on the very 1st cycle on clomid.

However, this doc gave me 50mg to start off. I am worried that i might not get the O effect with 50mg as i am suffering from PCOS.

Anyone here has the same situation as me?

Any of your ladies here is also PCOS but successfully got pregnant?

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5 years ago

hey ladies,

Joy: so sorry, I got so busy yesterday by the time I got home, I just went to bed hehe. Cant wait to hear about your ultrasound!!

Vanilla: Im so sorry to hear of you diagnosis, I will keep my fingers crossed that clomid will work for you once again.

Nicole: Fingers crossed you caught the eggy!!

Gummy: Sounds promising!!

Niki: have you tested again? I hate blue dye tests!!!

Caitlyn: It sounds like a win win situation!!! But your symptoms do sounds promising!!

Elle: Happy BDing!!

AFM: Had my appointment yesterday but got soo tired after I ended up in bed early! I am going to an anatomy scan next week to make sure everything is ok with baby. I had a ton of blood taken (had to go back this morning because they didnt want to take it all out at one time!) My dr said that I probably decidual bleeding that I have been having and its caused by a hormone in balance during early pregnancy and it should stop this month or next month. He said it isnt common but does happen and it is completely safe as long as it stops before im 30 weeks.


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5 years ago

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