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Period Late, HPT all Negative, but...

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I just finished reading story after story of women who were told they weren't pregnant by their doctors, who had taken lots of HPT's that kept coming back negative but were indeed...pregnant. Many times nothing would show until months into the pregnancy.

I'm wondering who else has experienced this? What did you do? Did you go to the doctor demanding a blood test? Have those been inaccurate too?

I feel pregnant. I just don't feel my norm. But every test I take it negative. My very regular period isn't showing up, yet I feel like it should be in terms of symptoms. So, without trying to psych myself out, just wondering what other stories are out there about negative tests and pregnancy results that didn't show a positive until much later in the pregnancy.

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Hang in there!!

Got a positive comprehensive blood test at the doctor yesterday that estimated me at 1 week pregnant. I couldn't believe it! All my calendar tests would have put me at 5 weeks.

But last night I had heavy bleeding and cramping throughout the night that seems like AF. I'm not sure what to think but the worst. I'll test again tomorrow morning and compare my two tests to see if by any chance the line gets any darker. My hope is not great at the moment, but we're holding out until tomorrow. My guess is I was pregnant, but have since lost the pregnancy and my levels are going down.

As for the emotional roller coaster, I had no idea it would be like this. We went from celebrating the news to despair in an 8 hour span of time.

I'm reminded that my hope is not in a baby, but rests in God. How easy it is to let hope get re-aligned on something that is changing and temporary rather than God, who is unchanging.

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with my last bfp, i was told i was pregnant three hours after i started bleeding. i didn't get to have the joy of being pregnant before it was ripped away from me, so i understand exactly how you feel.

big hugs. i hope everything works out for you.

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6 years ago

I totally understand! I went to the ER with severe back pain and heavy bleeding and I was told I was having a very early m/c. (4weeks1day). She said my blood test was "slightly positive" and I probably didnt get a BFP because I missed the day that my levels were high enough, or the baby never produced enough for a positive test.

T&P are with you!

6 years ago

CountryStrong - so sorry to hear about your angel. Happy thoughts your way today.

After all the bleeding yesterday, my doctor suggested we go to the ER to be checked on. They retested the HcG and it went UP from 22 to 38. Still very very low. They gave me the diagnosis of 'threatened miscarriage', meaning its so unstable at the moment, I'm to be resting and not lifting anything over 15lbs, nothing strenuous. No sex or anything that would mess with the pelvic muscles.

Now we just wait, and keep checking the levels. I'll have them tested again on Monday.

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Still pregnant! The results of my blood test showed the HCG still going up. They still said I was at high risk of miscarrying, so I'm to rest and not lift anything over 15lbs. I'm still bleeding a bit today which has me concerned. But I'll take the positive results and run with them for now. I go to the OB next week to check it again.

What an emotional roller coaster!

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The bleeding has finally slowed down to just some spotting. I'm hoping it is all over with. I have an OB appt at the end of the next week and praying that we're still pregnant when I get there.

I have been taking pregnancy tests every couple of days to see if the line is getting any darker (or fading by chance). So far it seems to have just remained the same. I know it's not the best indicator, but it's like I need something to tell me I'm still pregnant because I'm paranoid that we're not after all the drama of last week.

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yay!!! im so happy for you!

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6 years ago

Docs think we have miscarried. I am sad! They won't confirm until next week when hcg's my checked again. :(

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I'm so sorry. Big hugs.

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5 years ago

Oh the drama!
Last week we were told we were miscarrying or had already miscarried.

This week my hcg went up.

I don't know if my emotions can take this roller coaster.

Either way, the hcg's aren't going up like what is considered 'normal', but OB said there was no way to know at this point if it's a viable pregnancy or not and that we just have to wait it out to see what happens. She called it a 'grey' area.

But for now, to act like we're still pregnant and we retest again next week.

We spent the last week grieving the loss of this baby, thinking for sure it was all over. My mind had moved on. My body definitely doesn't feel pregnant anymore. We've told everyone we'd lost the baby. I'm not sure whether to tell them now that we haven't? What a dilemma.

We even started trying again for another, and by all accounts, my ovulation tests said we were about to ovulate.

I asked the OB about this, and pretty much my hormones are all over the place, so to get a positive ovulation test was not a strange thing.

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