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Increased Saliva

Staries07  3 years ago
8dpo and a negative test but having symptoms. Increased saliver plus a terrible taste in my mouth, sore/burning boobs, twinges in L/abdo.


Lconnolly  4 years ago
15 dpo and feeling a bit queezy, increased saliva. So much I just have to keep spitting! Too nauseous to swallow it.


Mariah_Papaya  5 years ago
8 dpo and salivating like a St. Bernard on a summer day!




BlueDoes  5 years ago
6 & 7DPO


jmj777  5 years ago
Full squirt of lemon juice in cup of ice water sipped worked to halt salivation for over an hour.


Burtstequila1st@  5 years ago
Yes's 10 & yes


mamasgroup08  6 years ago
I've been drooling on my pillow when i sleep 7dpo-10dpo and only have done that during pregnancy so keeping my fingers crossed


msbesha  6 years ago
7dpo had increased saliva with wanting to vomit started last night and today and also my tooth was giving me pains...maybe something or not?


hkbates51986  6 years ago
7 dpo increased saliva as well as metallic taste started this evening


nessa8409  6 years ago
I'm 11 dpo and I cant stop salivating!! I hate to spit especially while at work. I really hope Im prego been TTC for over a year now


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