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What women are saying

Sore Muscles

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Guest  8 years ago
Ive been having abs muscle pain like I've been doing intense abs work out. I'm at dpo 14 and feel it since dpo 12


tbug05  8 years ago
It feels like I did a mad ab workout. Its in the lower ab area. Just sore and achy. Can feel like bad gas w/out the gas.


mamaeeh  8 years ago
10dpo sore muscles when sitting up or bending over in abdomen




cutemommy  8 years ago
7dpo with sore muscles...hust don't know if I was becouse Dh and i had vigorous love making the night bferore...but also having head aches


niniwant1  8 years ago
im 5dpo


randomgirl92  8 years ago
15 dpo, like I worked out the whole day yesterday, muscles so sore in my abdomen...


NATESWOMAN2011  8 years ago
6 dpo and my lower abdomen is so sore. My husband touched it this morning and I pushed it away. Hoping for a bfp!


moonie901  8 years ago
8 & 9dpo feels like i done 1000 sit ups!


Guest  8 years ago
for some reason im experiencing left butt cheek is sore


Guest  8 years ago
Im not sure if im prego or not but it feels like i spent the whole day doing sit ups


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