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Dull Cramps/Pressure

Jenny6661  12 weeks ago
Pressure feeling almost feels like my uterus is being squeezed ..


OhBoyOrGirl  11 months ago
11dpo just very mild dull pressure, not cramping! Still BFN :(


member_58252  1 year ago
I am between 5 to 7 dpo I have sore bbs and slight pressure for a moment that's all




peonies2107  2 years ago
Dull/mild back cramp 9-11dpo, and lower right ovary dull cramp/pinching that is constant from 9-13dpo (today) + sore breasts starting 12dpo


OhBoyOrGirl  2 years ago
I'm 1dpo & been having dull/to mild cramping pressure since before Ovulation, today nagging on..


OhBoyOrGirl  2 years ago
Mild light cramping nothing major just probably letting me know AF is coming tomorrow (sad-face) 12dpo


Loubeedoo  2 years ago
Experienced this loads on my 3rd pregnancy, for at least the first trimester, implantation onwards. Low, full, achy pressure again, 5dpo.


katiezappia  2 years ago
21 DPO haven't tested yet, but constant dull ache in lower abdomen, with occasional "twinges" sometimes sharp lasting only 1-2 seconds.


Oneduck7  3 years ago
19dpo...af is 5 days late and cramping/pressure has started to stop


HopefulPearl33  3 years ago
gaz, dull light cramps,, same as last cycle :(


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