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ANGELgurl666  6 weeks ago
5 dpo backaches and having dull cramps


lalaorty  1 year ago
I got my BFP + now five days late for AF and the one common symptom I have had throughout is backaches!


CMM91_  1 year ago
7dpo and I’ve had crazy lower back pain since about 4dpo.




AleyasMami  1 year ago
I'm current 7-8 dpo and I've had back aches for the past 6 days. On a scale of 1-10 it's gotten up to at least a 7


MaybeAMama  1 year ago
Had this with cramps and brownish light bleeding/spotting at about 13 dpo. Still feel it and my hips hurting with standing for too long.


Jessesgirl910   1 year ago
My lower Back is killing me! Standing to long, lying down...started right after conception.


montanamaiden  1 year ago
6dpo, have felt this low back ache since 4 dpo...


XYND44  1 year ago
Started having backache since 7dpo. I have not eperiencd such type of backache before


Ava0505  1 year ago
5dpo-8dpo lower back ache that I would sometimes get the night before af due. Way too early for back ache now...


drae0879  1 year ago
on and off lower back pain 3dpo


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