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Super_sally888  6 years ago
dpo 3. I don't usually get headaches. Had one he


KTR0824  6 years ago
I kept getting headaches about 6dpo and it was an everyday thing terrible headaches and right before lunch time some nausea.


jaky_padr0916  6 years ago
really bad headaches these past days hpoe 6dpo is not bad!!




tamdj88  6 years ago
12dpo been getting headaches since atleast 6dpo. Sign of af or +hpt? fingers crossed


BabyStardust  6 years ago
All. Symptoms. Gone.


BabyStardust  6 years ago
8DPO I went to bed with a slight headache, woke up with a huge one. Took advil and drank coffee and I feel completely back to normal.


kellymay20  6 years ago
Getting headaches every morning since 5dpo now I'm 7


Missourigirl2013  6 years ago
7 dpo have been having headaches for the past 3 days going on 4. could I be pregnant?


Bsmith79  6 years ago
i am 4dpo have a headache and i feel ike i need to vomit but nothing happens. (TTC)


keyana14  6 years ago
7 dpo almost 8 and slight headake off and on..


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