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damninnocent  5 years ago
10 DPO and I can't get out of the bed


Auer5to6  5 years ago
8dpo and horrible headache


Mariah_Papaya  5 years ago
4 DPO and major headache all day. Exact same as Preggo Round 1!




Megsican26  5 years ago
9dpo. Excruciating migraine for 2 days now. Light sensitive and eye pressure.


Chawkins1983  5 years ago
4DPO. Felt headache on 3DPO


avidadrienne  5 years ago
Today is day 7 dpo, I am experiencing a pretty rough headache, I cannot remember the last time I had a headache! Probably in 2015!


Mommycraigmiles5  5 years ago
I'm 10 dpo and woke up with the worst headache... Went back to sleep until 1 PM and still there. It's making my eyes hurt


camayb  5 years ago
Had dull headaches from 9 dpo and I never have them. Positive pregnancy test 3 days later!


Jangie22  5 years ago
I rarely get headaches but had one in the evening at 9dpo


Linz5592  5 years ago
Headache that makes my eyes sore when I blink!! I am 9dpo


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