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MamaShaOC  12 months ago
Headaches were one of my first symptoms with both of my sons


OhBoyOrGirl  3 years ago
Had a headache since yesterday when I woke up, on 9dpo on 10dpo I still have a headache. Never really get them! Xx


member_58252  4 years ago
Light headache prob from sun I was outside when it started




member_155846  6 years ago
I have a heache. I never gotten a headache before after O


Hollyelaine  6 years ago
6 dpo weird off/on headache. Not terrible but annoying.


leah_reni  6 years ago
Ive had a headache for days now and im only 2 dpo


Ryujismom2017  6 years ago
4dpo been having headaches everyday now.


JayBeeH3  6 years ago
Im about 3-4dpo and last night i had a headache all night and on and off today


Lsmith122408  7 years ago
Major headache 12dpo dry cm tender bbs tired and nauseous


dragonfly23  7 years ago
9dpo with headache, creamy cm and high soft cervix


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