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Dizziness or Light Headed

Lovenlife7  1 year ago
Equilibrium has been off for 4 days now. I had a positive pregnancy test at 10 dpo, I am now 12. Not fainting, just a little dizzy at times.


member_58252  2 years ago
Oct 1,2,3 got a dizzy spell so far today havent got one i never get dizzy really.. i just wondering what is going on with me


BCbaby3  3 years ago
Diagnose with vertigo 7dpo, negative urine test at the hospital.. its like everytime i read symptom it takes effect dizziness very light hea




wantin3  3 years ago
dizzy spells/faintness started 4 days ago.


cathybug06  4 years ago
11 dpo


cathybug06  4 years ago
Head suddenly began spinning while standing shopping at a store. Had to grab onto shelf to recover. Lasted about 2 mins to recover fully


love2bmommy  4 years ago
11dpo dizzy spells last night and today. Very unusual


MissShorty0312  4 years ago
Been Feeling Dizzy Light Headed Since Sunday


danikaaayy  4 years ago
a little lightheaded and dizzy


Taysmama16  4 years ago
Stood up a minute ago and got so dizzy I had to gran the door an hold on..20minutes later I'm still feeling out of it and nauseated


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