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P4radise  4 years ago
7dpo feeling like i have a UTI. Really uncomfortable. Not sure what going on. :-/


Krissy222  4 years ago
6DPO woke up w/ symptoms of uti doc said negative... Went away a few hours later.


mrstc41  4 years ago
3dpo uti ouch




jessie1533  4 years ago
OK I'm 4 dpo and I've had diarrhea and now it seem as if iihave an uti.. alsio my boobs kinda hurt.. I've been trying for awhile now BFN


Taybug2011  4 years ago
Positive hpt at home...neg. at doc. yesterday??? 12 dpo & UTI & on antibiotics.waiting blood results now....


Katieann6  4 years ago
8dpo feeling drained so tired, my joints are achey & my stomach feels tender like a uti plus urainating alot.


DeeBen2014  5 years ago
7dpo I had the same feeling like uti but it went away later on


ANewModelOfFord  5 years ago
8 DPO. Woke up with what I thought was a full blown UTI and then went away! BFN. Maybe too early: )


kwitabug24  5 years ago
not 100% sure how many DPOs i am but i havent been feeling the best and now it feels like i have mild UTI


mking1979  5 years ago
A cold,sorebreast& last month i has a little burning.this1 is stronger,only wen im pregnant i get UTIs they suck


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